ALL-NEW H6 HYBRID COMING SOON   Enjoy smooth and responsive performance when you need it, all while intelligently saving …

SUV Comparison: 2021 MG HS vs Haval H6

These two mid-size SUVs are rocketing up the Aussie sales charts, so we enlist design guru Richard Ferlazzo to answer …

Haval H9 Ultra Automatic 4WD

Haval H9

Price: From $47,990 +ORC

Haval H9 Lux Automatic 4WD

Haval H9

Price: From $43,990 +ORC

Haval H6 Review

Haval H6

The larger of the current Haval range, the Haval H6 is a wonderful place to be. Comfortable, high tech and with real performance at your fingertips

Haval H6 LUX Automatic 4X2

Price: From $33,990 + ORC

Haval H6 Premium Automatic 4X2

Price: From $29,990 + ORC

NZ Great Wall SUV Review 2013: Kiwi Buyers Get the Lowdown

NZ Great Wall Motors Review

NZ Great Wall SUV Review 2013: Great Wall Motors, the Chinese car manufacturer, is a brand that cannot be ignored. NZ reviewers indicate a great future for the Chinese brand Great Wall Motors. Find out why.

Car Maintenance Schedule Based on Engine Mileage

car maintenance checklist

Regular car maintenance saves you money, time and helps you sell your car in the future. Been looking for a car maintenance schedule? To help you out we have put a car maintenance schedule together for you.

How to Conduct the Perfect Test Drive Before Buying

test drive before buying

Looking for a new car? Want to make sure that you buy the right car for you? You can read up on a car, ask friends and family for recommendations, look through car sales books but until you test drive you won’t know for sure if the car you have in mind is right for you. We guide you through the essential steps to test driving before buying. We explain how you can conduct a perfect test drive so that you buy the perfect car for you. Have a read…