NZ Vehicle Finance
Best Car Deals in NZ

  • 3 year or 100,000km manufacturers warranty.
  • With 3 years roadside assistance as standard on all new Great Wall & Chery vehicles.

Northland Autos have a great range of car finance deals to suit you.

Car Hire Purchase

Hire purchase allows you to buy the vehicle of your choice. There are options to pay a deposit or purchase at no deposit and payment terms are flexible and can include a balloon (lump sum) payment option, depending on the terms of your finance contract.

GST registered customers can claim the full GST of the vehicle they purchase (consult with your accountant for details) and the GST refund can be used towards the hire purchase payments.

Maintained Operating Lease

A maintained operating lease is where the vehicle is used by you but owned by the finance company. Vehicle servicing, warrants and registration costs are included in your vehicle lease and you manage the day to day running costs. Tyres can be included on a fixed replacement cycle. Ask us for details. When the lease ends, you give the vehicle back to the finance company with no on-going obligation.

Non Maintained Operating Lease

With a non-maintained operating lease, the vehicle is still owned by the finance company but you handle the servicing, warrant, registration costs and the normal running costs. At the end of the lease, the vehicle is returned to the lease company and there is no further obligation for you.

Financial Lease Cars

With a financial lease, you end up owning the car. There are more flexible terms in repayment and you have the option to pay a deposit at the start of the term or none at all. When the lease ends, there is a final payment called a balloon payment. There are three different ways to handle this that can result in you either owning the vehicle or upgrading to a new car.

Again, GST registered customers have access to tax benefits. These should be discussed with your accountant.
Please contact us if you would like to find out more about car financing.

As with all finance, offers are subject to normal lending criteria. Please contact us to find out more about interest rates, fees and payment terms. Mechanical warranties are subject to the normal servicing schedules necessary to maintain your vehicle.