How to Conduct the Perfect Test Drive Before Buying

test drive before buyingIn order to choose the best car for you and your family you must conduct a test drive before buying any vehicle.

You can read up on a car, ask friends and family for recommendations, look through car sales books but unless you test drive before buying, you won’t know for sure if the car you have in mind is right for you.

The purpose of test-driving a car is to evaluate the performance of the vehicle and to check whether it’s running smoothly and has no faults in the engine. A test drive is not only done to assess the automobile’s performance but also to check your handling of the car behind the wheel.

Buying the right car is an important decision to make and we guide you through the essential steps to test driving before you buy:

Check the Interior

Always take time to look at the interior. Does the car have everything you want? Check the upholstery, dashboard, radio, technology, GPS, controls, etc. Look up and check the quality of the interior roof. The first part of a car we see is the exterior, but the interior is just as important, especially if you spend a lot of time driving.

Plan Your Test Drive

Before heading out for a test drive, plan a driving route that includes different types of roads to check the performance. Include a motorway or a highway and some smaller residential roads. Choose roads that are relevant to your day-to-day driving.

Ask the dealer how long you can take the car out for. A quick dash around the block is not going to cut it so if you can book in for a longer drive go for it.

Inspect the tyres to check for any punctures or deflation. Check the back seat and boot for space, leaks or cracks. Scrutinise the windscreen; rear window and check the side mirrors to make sure that are properly positioned. Make sure that the air conditioner and heater are working well. Familiarise yourself with the controls.

Choose a time for the test drive when you are completely free and have ample time for yourself, so you are in a relaxed mood and can enjoy yourself.

Test Drive Before Buying

Drive the car on different routes that include local streets and highways and rough and smooth roads.

Verify the steering function to check whether the car is taking a smooth turn or not.

Find an empty road to drive on so you can run a few tests. Increase your speed to the speed limit and hit the brakes. This will check how quickly the brakes respond. Drive without your hands on the steering wheel (for only a second or two) to check the alignment of the car. Operate the windscreen wipers, sunroof, lights, mirrors, windows, GPS, the radio, and any other additional features for full examination of the car.

Take your time and get to know the vehicle you are planning to buy inside out, carefully examine its operation from ignition to running along with other minor details too. Always ask any questions you may have.

Choose the Best Car for You and Your Family

Finally, you’re ready to buy a car. Be sure to check all of the legal documents along with the license and insurance. Ask the car dealer for documents that show any repairs done and what maintenance has been done on the vehicle. Make sure that the sales person provides you with a warranty for your vehicle.

Now you know how to conduct a perfect test drive so buckle your seatbelt and get ready to drive.