Haval H6 Review

Haval H6The larger of the current Haval range, the Haval H6 is a wonderful place to be. Comfortable, high tech and with real performance at your fingertips. Designed to rival the most luxurious European standards inside, the Haval H6 is incredibly spacious, with deep, supportive seating, huge panoramic sunroof and electric sunshades. The finish is outstanding, using the finest materials, with handstitched leather, fine wood finishes on the central control panel and large screen consol. You can even choose your own mood lighting, and bathe the interior in green, pink, blue, orange or yellow!

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Though no expense has been spared in making the Haval H6 a little slice of peace and comfort, performance has not been compromised. A 2 litre turbocharged direct injection engine and six speed dual clutch transmission means that there is astonishing power at your disposal, meaning that it is a surprisingly exciting, sporty drive from a large SUV. Few SUVs can rival the Haval H6 for pure excitement to drive. The Sports mode, unlike many, is not just for show either. Double wishbone suspension and sports steering combine to give almost hatchback performance, without the wallowing cornering associated with large family SUVs.

As a family car, this is the perfect machine. There are two specifications of H6, the Premium, boasting blind spot monitoring systems, keyless entry, cruise control, privacy glass and a 7 speaker, 2 tweeter sound system. The LUX model, is the higher spec, adding heated front and rear seats, kerb parking sensors and self-levelling headlights.

Haval’s meteoric rise into the international market has been based upon their attention to detail and flawless execution. The H6 is currently their best-selling model, designed, marketed and tested as a genuine working SUV that not only provides the performance and practicality of a working vehicle, but also the safely, comfort and style of a genuine family vehicle.

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