Bringing Haval to New Zealand

Haval H2

The Haval H2

The leading SUV brand in China for the last 15 years, Haval SUVs offer both excellent value and an uncompromising position on design. A highly focused manufacturer, Haval choose their target market and create the ideal SUV, without compromise.

Once in a blue moon, a new contender arrives in the field of car brands, and that blue moon has just waned. Haval have just launched their range into the New Zealand market place, with much anticipation. However, Haval, although they may not be a recognised brand in New Zealand, are certainly not a fledgling brand learning their trade, but an experienced SUV manufacturer that has led the way in China for more than 15 years, outselling the combined forces of Nissan, Hyundai and Ford.

In fact, on the global scene, Haval has become the fourth biggest brand in the world, eclipsing SUV giants Nissan and Subaru during their rise. Selling, successfully, in over 30 countries, the appeal of Haval SUVs is not a flash in the pan, and their expansion into New Zealand markets is a source of excitement, further expanding the choice on the market, with a range that is directed, unapologetically at different needs, and, as a result, refusing to compromise. By focussing purely on one market, Haval are able to ensure that there is no unnecessary compromise, and promise to become one of the most popular SUV brands in New Zealand, as they have rapidly become elsewhere.

What have they to offer? Haval’s range is currently two-fold; the H2 and the H6, with the H9 in the pipe-line. Conveniently, Haval have created a simple rule of thumb; the larger the number, the larger the vehicle. This straight-forward system matches the straight-forward way at Haval, where the marketing department, and the designers before them, have chosen their target market for each range, before designing a vehicle to suit, and a marketing pack that leaves you in no doubt as to whether the series will fit your needs.

Tha Haval H6

The H2, the smaller of the two models currently available is aimed at females between 25-35, and those looking to downsize, most notable retirees. Powered by a 1.5L turbo engine, there is still plenty of performance at your disposal, but it is the comfort and extras that really appeal. There two levels of H2, and even the entry model comes with keyless entry, sunroof, cruise control, reverse sensors and a 7-inch touch screen.

The ‘big brother’ of the H2, the H6 is also the best-selling of the two. With an additional 0.5L, dual clutch transmission and enough torque to rip the tarmac from the earth, this is a genuine working SUV. It is also more luxurious than the H2, adding dual-zone climate control, rear-view cameras and even blind spot monitoring systems on the entry level model.

On both ranges, going the extra mile for the Lux model will increase comfort significantly. Heated seats, hand-stitched leather and kerbside cameras will mean that the extra money is well spent, whilst remaining competitive with the entry-level models from other manufacturers.

Despite getting a lot for your dollar, the quality of the Haval range is a pleasant surprise. Both vehicles are well built, comfortable and practical, offering an excellent alternative to both the working SUVs and family cars currently on offer, and the price ensures that it will be very hard to discount Haval, even for those that place importance on brand knowledge. It is pleasing to see a newcomer to the market that will hit the ground running as a genuine contender.