How safe are Great Wall cars?

If you’ve every wondered how safe Great Wall cars are, watch this video from Channel 10 News in Australia. An Adelaide family of four say they are living proof that their Great Wall SUV has the highest safety standards!

Rory Watson of Adelaide was driving in his Great Wall SUV with his family when they were involved in at accident at 100km/h. They rolled “about six times” and finished up on their side. Going that fast and rolling so many times, you might expect that there were serious injuries or even a fatality. However, Rory climbed out of the driver’s window and walked around to the back, opened the tailgate and his Wife and Daughter walked out virtually unscathed.

Rory considers the Great Wall SUV so safe that he went right out and bought a new Great Wall X240 4WD! He says;

“I was elated with it… the car itself held together so well when we had this accident. My Wife, my Kids and I were as safe as houses!”

Rory is not alone. Hundreds of Great Wall vehicles leave showrooms across Autralia every month. Great Wall SUV’s are thousands of dollars cheaper than other vehicles in their class but still include top of the line safety features including a reversing camera and a 4-star safety rating.

Chinese-built Great Wall cars are facing the same problems of perception that Korean cars did 30 years ago. Now Korean cars have displaced many of the brands that used to be considered superior. As Great Wall Motors become more widely known, we expect them to be seen as well-built and desireable cars.

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